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Prayer request

Acts 12:5

" So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him"

Dominic Monico:

In hospital, on dialysis and has built up liquid around his heart (needs surgery). Has been placed on kidney transplant list. He and his wife were on the last stages of adopting a child, cps wants to stop it due to Dominic's health and not being able to care for child. 

Kathy Colern: 

Please pray for her sister Sally Therrien, she was in a motorcycle accident overseas. She is currently still hospitalized due to fractured ribs. She will be having tests done and praying for a good report and speedy recovery.

Edgar Mendoza:

Please pray for his brother David that needs to break from the evil in his life. Help steer God into his life so he can return to the life he once used to live and keep from going down the dark path messing with the wrong people. Ask for the strength he needs to seek help in his family. 

Rebecca Douglas: 

Please pray for her mother Julia Arocha, her doctors found a spot on the head of her pancreas, they believe its cancer but due to her age (95) and feeling no pain she does not want any type of surgery. 

Trish Gray:

Has constant migraine headaches and was recently diagnosed with stomach ulcers. Pray for complete healing. 

Irene Devore:

Diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in her left lung, please pray for a miracle within her body. 

Nelson and Melissa: 

Please pray for covering over their business, breakthrough to a new level. Also, protection from the thief and enemy of hold back.

Ana Scott:

Please pray for her cousin Amy Hernandez she is in the ICU having multiple seizures after having a stroke. Pray for healing and comfort for her two children Bianca and Anthony as they also lost their father 2 years ago. 

Rene Rendon:

Pray that God will comfort him and his family. He found out he has cancer, pray that his chemo treatment goes smooth.

Elizabeth Martinez:

Pray for healing and a quick recovery from Covid, feeling weak.  

Curtis Kirchman: 

Pray for healing and a Miracle throughout his body. Experiencing a rapid heartbeat, cancer in his body, weak heart. 

Bertha Ibarra:

Pray for deliverance from depression/Salvation. 

Juanita Soto:

Dealing with a kidney infection. Prayer for healing from head to toe. Pray for her sister Rosalinda for healing and quick recovery from surgery and for her daughter Jessica, she had 2 miscarriages. Pray that God give her peace and comfort during this time.   

Daisy Andrade:

Her co-worker Debbie Franco is battling with a bad hip and needs surgery but has no insurance. She is in the process of trying to get financial help. Prayers for healing

Ricky Rios: 

To be released from prison and restored to his wife, Violi

Pastors Brother In Law, Urian:

Needs a job, financial miracle


Melina and her sister Rocio:

Complete healing in both of their bodies. 

Our Church: 

Pray and contend for a larger building 

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