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mission statement

Our vision:

To see a Godly revival in San Angelo, Texas and to see our city turn from religion to a genuine conversion experience with God.

Note: San Angelo is not at all an atheistic or secular city, it is a city that professes much about God but does not apply the teachings of the Bible to their own personal lives.

The challenge before the Church in Texas is to contend for Holy Spirit conversions. To exemplify how Christianity is lived out in our daily lives, ie: our marriages, our finances, our entertainment choices, our language and in our relationships with the opposite sex.

The most favored religion of West Texas is Baptist, because it preaches a doctrine that suits any lifestyle, ie: I may not be living the best Christian life, but "once saved always saved," so at least I'm still going to Heaven. This is no different than Catholicism which promotes that the revolving confession booth before the priests ensures people a place in Heaven. It is the same religious stronghold being fought, which is, "religion allows me to live how I want and still be right with God." The challenge before the Church in West Texas is to fight that stronghold of religion. 

In the midst of the plethora of religion, West Texas is full of growing social ills. The LGBTQ+ community is growing, divorce is increasing, teen pregnancy is on the rise, suicides are increasing, marital infidelity, drunkenness, severe drug abuse and even murder, are far too common in a City that claims to be religious and prays before most events and meetings. 

Our purpose:

To preach the truth and now, more than ever, live the truth; to be an effective witness of light and hope in our community. 

our goal:

To convert our city from the false and dry religion of the past, to a fulfilling, exciting relationship with Jesus Christ.

our way:

Through preaching, prayer and through God's people. By practicing what we preach, living a life that attracts others; a life that is contagious and enviable.

In essence, every move of God has always had three elements:

1. A man/or woman that will stand in the gap.

2. A people that will pray

3. A God that will hear and supernaturally turn the course of events to overcome what might of otherwise been.

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